Rocket Giotto Cronometro R


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The Rocket Giotto Cronometro Type R reflects the commercial machine experience at home. The boiler with heavy end plates and a capacity of 1.8 litres has been matched to the thermosyphon system allowing the balance of the espresso machine which enables the ability to texture perfect milk and optimise perfect extraction temperature for the tastes and flavours of espresso, without delay.

The Giotto is available in two versions, Type V with a Vibration Pump and Type R with a Rotary Pump. Both V and R models are temperature controlled by PID logic for enhancing the user’s experience and control over the espresso quality. The PID touchpad is easily accessed underneath the front drip tray.

It has a digital shot timer that allows the user to better optimise extraction time. The Cronometro machines are offered in two different body styles, the Giotto and the Mozzafiato.

  • Water tank capacity: 2.5 Litre – with the option to be plumbed to water mains
  • Boiler capacity: 1.8 Litre
  • Weight: 27.8Kg
  • Dimensions: 335mm (W) x 420mm (D) x 400mm (H)