Barista Accessories Bundle

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Barista Accessories Bundle is a perfect gift for a home barista enthusiast or a great addition to your home espresso coffee corner. Includes:

Knock box  Grindenstein: A very well designed product. This is perfect for your home or office coffee station. It's dishwasher safe and doesn't take up too much precious bench space.

Milk Jug 400ml: The perfect shape for stretching, rolling and pouring milk.

Tamping Stand with Mat Kit: Coffee Tamping Stand in Stainless Steel with rubber mat. Designed to keep the portafilter straight whilst tamping your coffee, making it easier to achieve a level tamp. It also keeps the portafilter spout off the bench and away from any loose coffee grinds. 

Group Cleaning Brush: Quality Group head Cleaning Brush - Angled with Stiff Nylon Bristles and Fins to stop the hot water running over your hand.

Barista Brush: This Barista Brush is a very handy accessory to ensure your espresso coffee machine portafilter is kept clean.

Coffee Tamper 58mm: Quality stainless steel tamper. Comfortable grip with a nice weight.

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