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Experience the advantages of quality espresso coffee equipment together with carefully created premium coffee blends.

Espresso Services Plus is a boutique coffee company situated in Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches, supplying quality coffee products and services, established in 2001.

We began by offering espresso coffee machine repairs and maintenance to commercial and residential coffee enthusiasts. Soon after, we started selling a range of premium espresso coffee machines. Espresso Services Plus created our unique blend of coffee, and in 2004 9Bar Coffee was born.

In 2007, Jason patented the revolutionary espressoDECK. This was the world’s first patented recessed espresso coffee machine on the market, which we manufacture and distribute worldwide. 

From the beginning, passion and innovation have been at the heart of Espresso Services Plus.

  Our Friendly Team

Jason Marks

Jason Marks

He takes a hands-on approach to business. Starting in the coffee industry in the 90’s he developed a great interest in coffee roasting and packing as well as coffee-making and espresso machines. His inquisitive and inventive mind led him to create a contemporary espresso innovation that is the espressoDECK. Jason loves to question and learn. You will often find Jason listening to books or podcasts whilst enjoying his working day.

Joana MendesJoana Mendes 

She has been there since day one, involved with the initial business strategic set-up and managing the administration and finances of the business. Her business administration and accounting studies, in addition to years of experience in business operations and sales, have been core in keeping Espresso Services Plus running smoothly as well as profitably. Being Brazilian, she loves her coffee, a day at the beach and a good party.

Twenty years in Business | July 2001

“Together, we have successfully supplied products and services to a bunch of wonderful customers, many of whom have come to be friends. We cannot thank you enough for trusting us to deliver our products to your homes and businesses. We look forward to many more years to follow. Here’s to the next 20 years braving all the challenges that life will present!” Jason and Jo 

What Customers Say About Us…

“Great services for over 10 years and fantastic people to deal with.” - Kay

“Jason and Jo run the best, most personal and friendly family coffee business.” - John

“Our go to place for all things coffee. Reliable, honest and service orientated” - Andreas

All reviews on our website can be found in full on google under Espresso Services Plus and 9Bar Coffee.